Cavallo ELB Regular Sole Hoof Boot

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The elf upper material is our 1680 count Denier industrial grade nylon – the same material used on our sport style hoof boots, which have been ‘tried and tested’ in all terrains since 2008. The replaceable Velcro closure extends the working life of the elf in the event of Velcro fatigue. Easily fastened by 8 and 80 year-olds alike, the strap does not require a screwdriver, Extra physical strength or any other tools. The elf is offered on both cavalla's soles – our regular sole, (length and width equal) and our slim sole ( width is ¼” or 5mm narrower than length). both soles incorporate the unique, built in side Drainage slots – which drain mud, water and sand easily and will not clog up. Sold as single boots.

  • 1680 count Denier industrial grade nylon
  • Easy on - stays on
  • Replaceable Velcro closure
  • Available individually, can be right or left hoof
  • Reflective Logo for safety

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