Dechra Eicosa3FF SnipCaps (Small), for Dogs

Dechra Eicosa3FF SnipCaps (Small), for Dogs

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Size:60 Count

Dacha Eidola 3FF Snip Caps are a nutritional supplement that provide an ample amount of omega3 fatty acids for your pet. Omega3 fatty acids can help promote healthy skin, coat, immune, joint, and heart health and can even improve cognitive function. These caps contain these fatty acids in a free, liquid form that is easier for your pet to absorb. Dacha Eidola 3FF Snip Caps are easy to administer, simply snip off the cap and either pour the liquid directly into your pet's mouth or mix it into your pet's food. This size includes 120 capsules that contain a dose formulated for large dogs weighing more than 60 pounds but it is also available in a smaller size with 60 capsules or in a formula for smaller dogs. Don't simply rely on your pet's food to meet their nutritional needs, order this omega3 supplement for your cat or dog today Key Features: Caps contain omega3 in easily absorbed, free liquid form Available in two doses for small dogs or for large dogs Available in two sizes: 60 caps or 120 caps

  • OMEGA-3 caps contain omega-3 in easily absorbed, free liquid form
  • FREE FATTY ACID nutritional supplement for use in dogs
  • AIDS IMMUNE SYSTEM and joint and skin health
  • CONCENTRATED SOURCE of beneficial Omega-3 Fatty Acids in a free fatty acid form
  • Included Components: 60Ct Snipcaps

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