Exhibitor Laboratories 2 Pack of Quic Silver, 16 Ounces Each, Whitening Intensifier and Shampoo for Horses, Color Safe

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Quic Silver is a whitening intensifier and shampoo for equine hair that optically alters the way light interacts with each hair shaft creating incredible platinum highlights with bold snow. white results. Quic Silver is absolutely stunning on gray and albino coats (silvery highlights), palomino and cream coats (golden highlights); naturally reveals in full intensity every color within the mane, tail and coat while providing deep-cleaning to leave your horse soft, smooth, and shiny. Quic Silver is a color intensifying shampoo that enhances brilliance and depth of coat color while the added bluing agent makes it great for stain removal. Quic Silver does not contain harsh chemicals or bleaches that leave the hair dull and dry.