ProActive ProBiostatin 1.5 Pounds Equine Powder

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Pro Biostatin® Equine Probiotic supports healthy gastrointestinal function in horses with a supplement that is easy to administer.
This powdered probiotic provides ample amounts of beneficial bacteria that naturally improve your horse's digestive functions. The supplement is also formulated with natural licorice flavor that horses love.

Pro Biostatin Equine Probiotic comes in a canister containing 454 grams of the powder to provide an ample amount for your horse. The container also includes a 10 gram scoop that makes it easy to administer the correct amount to your horse. Settle your horse's stomach and improve their immune health with this probiotic supplement and order it for your equine today!

Key Features:
Promotes healthy gastrointestinal and immune functions
Contains 454 grams of powder
Over 500 Million CFU of probiotics

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