Horse Health Vitamin & Selenium Crumbles for Horses

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Size:3 pounds,, 96 Day Supply

Vitamins are critical for life. Vitamin E works in conjunction with selenium as an antioxidant and in immune support. Free radicals are a result of metabolic activity, and as activity increases, free radical formation also increases and can damage cell membranes. Adding antioxidants to the diet of equine athletes may help with exercise-induced free radical damage to muscle tissue. Horse Health Vita-E & Selenium Crumbles supports optimum health in horses exerting severe physical effort.

  • Combines vitamin E and selenium for optimum muscle health
  • Appropriate for horses exerting sever physical effort
  • Provides 625 IU of vitamin E and 1 mg of selenium per half ounce
  • Easy-to-feed crumbles
  • For all classes of horses
  • Available in 80 Day and 640 Day sizes

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