Little Giant Large Egg Basket Basket for Carrying and Collecting Chicken Eggs (Item No. EB13)

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MILLER EB13 Little Giant Egg Basket

  • GREAT DESIGN - The great design of this basket allows for easy cooling, washing and quick drying of eggs, so this basket truly serves multiple purposes.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS - This egg collection basket is made of heavy-duty coated wire that protects from corrosion. It won't break down on you as you go to the coop to get eggs from your nesting chickens or deposit rust on tables.
  • WELDED JOINTS - This metal wire basket features securely welded joints, that can withstand the weight of many eggs, and let debris fall through the wires. The basket features a convenient large carrying handle.
  • 8 DOZEN CAPACITY - This large wire chicken egg basket holds up to 8 dozen large eggs, making it a great addition to the supplies of someone raising multiple chickens.
  • IDEAL SIZE - This large basket makes carrying many eggs easy and it measures 13" x 13" x 6".