Magic Beadz - Jelly Water Beads Grow Many Times Original Size - Fun for All Ages - Party Favor Size - 15 Individual Packs

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Magic Beadz start as tiny hard balls but quickly grow many times their original size when you add water. This rainbow mix of water beads for kids will keep your children and their friends busy for hours. They make a fun game, great learning tool, science experiment, or sensory toy for toddler and preschool sensory tables, water play tables, or sensory bins. They are called by different names such as jelly beads, spa beads, gel balls, jelly water marbles, water jelly beadz, and sensory balls. They are also perfect budget-friendly Orbeez refills and can safely be used in all Orbeez products like the Crush and Soothing Spa. They make a great addition to Learning Resources toys like the helping hands fine motor tool set, handy scoopers, and science lab kit. Magic Beads are nontoxic, colorfast (won't fade or bleed), and non-flammable. Unlike similar polymer bead products, MagicBeadz have been fully tested and exceed all children's toy safety requirements. This is important due to the potential choking and ingestion hazards. Why put your children's health and safety at risk by purchasing cheap imitation gel beads that do not meet U.S. standards? These decorative beads absorb water to form colorful glass-like pearls that slowly release water back into their environment. They are made from a cross-linked super absorbent crystal polymer (sodium polyacrylate), originally developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to irrigate crops during drought. How many different ways can you use them? This individual packet size is also available in bulk sets of 30 and 100, which are perfect for parties or classroom use.

  • Magic Beadz start as tiny hard balls but quickly grow many times their original size to become bouncy, squishy, and beautiful jelly water beads when you add water.
  • Keep kids busy for hours and make a fun game, great learning tool, science project, or sensory bin item.
  • Nontoxic, colorfast (won't fade or bleed!), non-flammable. Fully tested and exceeds all children's toy safety requirements.
  • These 15 individual packets make a perfect party favor, student activity, gift or stocking stuffer. Budget-friendly and safe refill or replacement for all Orbeez products. This rainbow mix includes 12 unique colors. Also available in sets of 30 or 100 packets.
  • Try Magic Beadz risk free with our 100% GUARANTEE. Click "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" to get started!

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