Majesty's Equine Flex Wafers

Majesty's Equine Flex Wafers

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Product Description

Majesty’s Animal Nutritionwas created by horse people, for horse people.

During the daily care of our own horses, we constantly ran into problems when using powder and liquid supplements/nutrients. We knew there had to be a solution to address many of these common issues: top-dressing our horses feed, our grandchildren not being able to feed the horses, separating the horses we wanted to supplement from the rest, and the prohibitive cost!

We set out to develop anewandeasiersupplement delivery system that’s less expensive. Through years of innovation, testing, and refining, we invented an easy-to-use wafer made of molasses, oat, and apple sauce, uniquely formulated to ensure that your horse receives the full amount of nutrients. The result is a superior supplement that achieves about 98% feed-ability!

Majesty’s Flex Waferswill help your horse get the nutrients it needs while saving you both time, and money. Try them today!

A Superior JOINT SUPPORT Supplement For Your Horse

  • We've developed a unique wafer to give your horse five critical joint support supplements in one easy-to-use, palatableMajesty’s Flex Wafer.
  • With powders and liquids, many horses often drop top-coated feed on the ground, or simply do not eat it. This results in less than optimal nutrition for the horse, as well as wasted product that you've already paid for.
  • This is why, unlike powders and liquids,Majesty’s Flex Wafersdeliver the optimal amount of joint support nutrients to the horse and at a lower cost!

Why Feed Horses Majesty’s Flex Wafers?

Because they are a unique, easy-to-use method of getting supplements into your horse! The advantages are:

  • There is no waste! You can watch your horse eat the full supplement.
  • Just hand your horse a wafer! You can herd-feed without separating horses getting supplements from those that don't.
  • You can pasture without graining at night to get supplements into your horses!
  • Finally, they cost abouthalfof other supplements with the same levels of nutrition!

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Is This An Effective Support Product?

Yes!We use wafers as a way to make sure your horse receives the right amount of supplement you desire. The wafer is secondary to the support. In other words, wafers are carriers that make it easy to supplement and ensure your horse gets the nutrition it needs.

A 1,200-pound horse requires about one wafer daily. If certain conditions are present, or at your veterinarian's suggestion, increase the daily dosage to two wafers per day.

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Featured Active Ingredients

Glucosamine KCL (Shellfish Source)

  • Protective role in joints
  • Provides building blocks for production of new, healthy tissue
  • Known to block enzymes and mediators that lead to cartilage

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

  • Improves joint mobility
  • Assists in formation of proteins and amino acids, connective tissue, hair, hide, and hooves

Yucca Extract (Yucca Schidigera)

  • Eased joint pain and tension and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Improved digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Improved hoof quality and strength, and enhanced coat, mane, tail, and skin health

Chondroitin Sulfate (Chicken Cartilage)

  • Equine joint care supplement to aid occasional joint stiffness
  • Supplies building blocks for synovial fluid, cartilage, and connective tissues

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Majesty's Flex Wafer Majesty's Flex XT Wafer Majesty's Flex HA Wafer Majesty's Bio+ Wafer Majesty's Omega Wafer Majesty's Kalm+ Wafer
Type of Horse: Everyday Horse Everyday Horse Performance Horse Everyday Horse Everyday Horse Everyday Horse
Purpose: Joint Support Supplement Joint Support With Increased Supplement Levels Superior Joint Support Supplement For Performance Hoof & Coat Support Supplement Skin, Coat & Immune Support Supplement Supports Balanced Behavior & Normal Nervous System Function
NASC Certified:
Active Ingredients (Per Individual Wafer): Glucosamine KCL (2500mg), MSM (2500mg), Yucca Extract (1250mg), Chondroitin Sulfate (600mg), Ascorbic Acid (500mg) Glucosamine KCL (7500mg), MSM (3000mg), Yucca Extract (1750mg), Chondroitin Sulfate (600mg), Ascorbic Acid (750mg) Glucosamine KCL (2500mg), MSM (2500mg), Yucca Extract (2500mg), Chondroitin Sulfate (600mg), Ascorbic Acid (1000mg), HA (150mg) Crude Protein (min 20%), Crude Fat (min 3%), Crude Fiber (max 17%), Moisture (max 17%), Ash (max 2%), Lysine (750mg), DL-Methionine (1500mg), Copper (4mg), Zinc (41mg), Biotin (30mg) Crude Protein (min 10%), Crude Fat (min 12%), Crude Fiber (max 20%), Moisture (max 15%), Ash (max 4%), Linolenic Acid (1800mg), Linoleic Acid (800mg), Oleic Acid (800mg), Biotin (10mg) Magnesium Sulfate (1000mg), Thiamine Mononitrate (1000mg), Inositol (750mg), Ashwagandha (200mg), Tryptophan (125mg)
  • FOR HORSES — five superior support supplements are combined to produce a superior, easy-to-use supplement wafer that helps increase range of motion and reduces inflammation in addition to easing tension and pain
  • 1 BAG (ONE MONTH SUPPLY) — this bag contains 30 wafers, our wafers cost less than half of other supplements in the market with the same nutrition. This listing, as per directions, will provide your horse with the care and nutrients they deserve for one month
  • NO WASTE — horses often will ignore top dressed feed with powders or liquid, our unique wafers solve this problem by directly delivering the optimal amount of supplements
  • UNIQUE — made of molasses, oats, and apple sauce which are combined to make sure everything in the wafer remains in the wafer, we achieve around 98% feedability
  • MADE IN THE USA — our wafers are produced by ourselves in beautiful Central Oregon, east of the Cascade Mountains. We take pride in producing these wafers ourselves and put quality at the forefront of everything we do. As horse owners, we know your horse is very important to you and we will continue to provide you the nutrients to keep your horse healthy and happy

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