The Dog Pillow Company Plush Head Pillow and Neck Support for Dogs

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Pattern Name:Snoozy, Grey with White Paws

At The Dog Pillow Company, Your dog's comfort is at the heart of our business. It all started with our dogs wanting the perfect place to rest their heads. We realized as many people have, that our dogs love to rest and cuddle with anything that wraps around their chin and raises their heads just enough to be comfortable. Our pillows are designed for that exact thing. They also make great calming traveling companions and of course a cuddle buddy.

  • NECK AND UPPER SPINE SUPPORT- Wraps around your fur baby’s chin to lift their head into a comfortable resting position that supports their neck and provides ultimate comfort rest
  • OH SO SOOTHING- Provides a calming effect for our pet buddies during those uneasy or restless times. Great for the crate or bed when leaving your pet companion alone. Also gives comfort when traveling by car or plane
  • ANTI-ALLERGENIC- Materials used are non-toxic. Double core fiber fill is non-allergenic with a high quality polyester exterior so your dog can rest soundly and you can rest easy knowing they shouldn’t have an allergic reaction
  • PERFECT CUDDLER- Plush, soft neck/chin pillow that mimics the comfortable firmness of your bed or couch pillow your fur baby rests their head on when they think you’re not looking
  • MACHINE WASHABLE- When the neck pillow gets dirty with grime and germs, just throw it in the washing machine for easy hygienic cleaning. Introduce pillow to your dog during quiet time, sleepy or cuddle time so as not to be chewed