The Missing Link Nws The Missing Link Smartmouth Dental Chews S/M Dogs 28ct

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For small and medium dogsReduces tartar and freshens breathGlucosamine helps support hip and joint mobilityBalanced omegas promote healthy skin and coatNon-GMO and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives28 countDH400180 Why give dogs regular chews when you can give them more? Say goodbye to single- purpose dental chews and say hello to Smartmoutha long-lasting, multi-tasking dental chew that cleans teeth, freshens breath, supports joint health and so much more. Your pet will love them.

  • For small and medium dogs
  • Reduces tartar and freshens breath
  • Glucosamine helps support hip and joint mobility
  • Balanced omegas promote healthy skin and coat
  • Non GMO and no artificial colors flavors or preservatives