Vet Classics ArthriEase Gold (120 Tablets)

Vet Classics ArthriEase Gold (120 Tablets)

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Help Your Aging Cat or Dog Stay Mobile and Healthy

As your pet gets older, the deterioration of its joints and connective tissue can make walking, running, and playing difficult or even uncomfortable.
Now, with Vet Classics ArthriEase Gold, you can spare your cat or dog the pain, making an active lifestyle possible once again.

Vet Classics ArthriEase Gold improves health on many fronts

Vet Classics ArthriEase Gold is our top formula for supporting the health of the hips and other joints in dogs and cats. The main ingredients are Methylsulfonylmethane, which benefits connective tissue growth and healing, and Glucosamine hydrochloride, which is often used in arthritis treatments for dogs and cats. The ArthriEase Gold formula also contains anti-oxidants to counter the damage and aging effects of free radicals.

Relieves aches and pain caused by movement, so your dog or cat can stay mobile and stay healthier
Tasty flavoring is made with natural ingredients only
Formula now includes enzymes for further health benefits
120 tablets is an economical size, and is perfect for multiple pets

  • Recommended for advanced joint-related support in cats and dogs
  • Veterinary recommended ingredients
  • Made in the USA

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